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In the global context in which we operate sustainability is still a utopia for those who keeps his thoughts inside the box. We are a company that believes and dares to think differently. Search innovations in lifestyle, planning and executing actions aimed at transition from one way of life exhausts to a way of living less harmful and more perennial.

Besides the constant pursuit of thinking “outside the box”, the workshop brings a new business model known as business 2.5. This new model carries at its core environmental development, while at the same time, profitable businesses and professionals.

We use our experience in environmental projects to create social innovations that help other companies to perform their transitions towards more efficient, less intentional and more generous act. Promote integration between different sectors of society based on systems thinking, making connections within and outside the company are determined as fruitful for both.

Joint Inter-Sectoral

Create a participatory way and permanent social networks to promote local actions that bring social improvements, longer lasting and productive relationships, creating a richer social capital and enabling socio-environmental projects sets.

Assessment and strategic planning opportunities, corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals connected with DNA and customers.

  • Monica Picavêa
  • Monica Picavêa

    Super Charisma, Energy Field for the Group Converts Moods, Bishop of Lighten Visions, Multi Women, Faster than the Deadline, able to jump obstacles with a single diagnosis, this woman is Brazilian, but it looks like it came from another planet

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    Monica Picavêa, Journalist, with a post graduate in Marketing from Faculdade Católica de Administração de Empresas – FAE – Paraná, and a masters degree in Business from Baldwin Wallace – Ohio – USA. Has worked in various marketing and communications companies, and for 10 years has held senior positions in Third Sector organizations.

    Took part in the Sustainable Design course by Gaia Education in Scotland, and today operates with the development of strategies for social development.  Boasts 16 awards in the field of social projects from the AlphaVille Foundation, and two national awards in Sustainability from the board of Sustainability at the AlphaVille Foundation.

    Creator of the first Transition project for very low income communities in the world, in Brasilandia, Sao Paolo.



    11 94144 2427 / 4305.9800


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  • Debora Andrade
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  • Isabela Menezes
  • Isabela  Menezes

    Extra energy to the group, shield against bad mood, strength against negative energy, the nature mage and traffic, capable of supporting various functions without missing a beat, these hairs lie his power.

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    Isabela Menezes Architect and urban planner, formed the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, attended Gaia Education (www.gaiaeducation.org) course based on a curriculum created by the international consortium of educators known as GEESE (Global Educators for Sustainable Earth) that 11 years developing curricula and courses in design and development of sustainable human settlements.
    Today it operates with the development of education projects for sustainability and social responsibility for the Office of Sustainability (www.oficinadasustentabilidade.com.br).
    It is the organizer and facilitator of the national Transition Towns Brazil and one of the initiators of the movement of Transition Towns in Granja Viana – SP. (www.transitionbrasil.ning.com)
    Has a weekly column on sustainability and awareness videos on the site’s service region Granja Viana, Greater São Paulo (www.granjaviana.com.br) and participates in a radio web site called “All Together and mixed.”



    +55 11 94144 2942


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