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Photo exhibition about inclusion reaches Barra Funda


The photograph has the greatest power to call people’s attention to an idea or feeling, and ultimately unite them by the shock that may cause or for good memory it can bring.

Even with the rainy weather, people flocked to see the exhibition Lives Scenes at the Museum of Integration in Barra Funda. Production organized by itinerant pedagogue Antonia Yamashita composes the project Image and Inclusion, illustrated by photographs Kica Castro and Arthur Calasans.

The aim is to present moments of everyday life, from childhood to maturity. Kica presents moments that sometimes go unnoticed but are important to be recorded as the first meeting, the first football match of the child etc..
She began her career in advertising and into the world of inclusion in 2002 with photographic projects. In 2007, he opened his photographic agency which prepares its tests and they came from the models for design Image and Inclusion.

Launched two projects related to the area of ​​inclusion, “All will be revealed nudity” and “orthopedic appliances in the crosshairs of fashion”.’s Newest model, Moni Nadim, born in Iran, lived in Brazil for almost a year and came into the picture and design Inclusion of the invitation Kica.
The atmosphere was relaxed as a meeting between friends, including the participation of Ziriguidim Telecoteco and Red Blood Saracura, members of Operation Eyedropper, volunteer group that practices interventions and informative actions with groups linked to health and inclusion.


The space that receives the exhibition presents the history and struggle on disability in Brazil, with the domes audio reading, the video projections, with collages and text panels and touch with the feelings of the room where the visitor is immersed in complete darkness with only the hands and ears as a guide.
Exposure Lives Scenes is on display until 30/03, admission is free.
Location: Memorial Inclusion (Barra Funda)
Avenida Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 564 – Gate 10, Barra Funda

Time that the exhibition will be on display
08/02 to 30/03

Visiting hours: Mon to Fri from 10:00 pm to 17:00 pm


Text and photos: Wilson Monticelli