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Brasilândia Village organizes campaign for planting sustainable

Oficina da Sustentabilidade organiza mutirão de plantio na Vila

Every green space, however small, can be a trigger for new initiatives. The Reference Center for Integration and Sustainability (Cris) in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, Transition and community Brasilândia Sambaqui, started last Sunday (17/02/2013), the design of an agroforestry.

The plan task force has done in order to preserve the history and tradition of the oldest inhabitants, coming from rural areas, as well as work methods and initiatives in urban gardens.

Every project definition was made by means of dynamic and interviews with locals and guests who were interested and willing to collaborate in the execution. Each participant scored in the wall which plants like to put in the design of urban gardens, from spices like chives until edible shrubs such as mint and nasturtium.

The area designated for agroforestry is on the street Itambé do Mato Dentro, the Garden Guarani Brasilândia Village neighborhood. Residents and volunteers guests visited the area to be used for planting and suggested which will be the first seedlings and seeds most appropriate for the type of soil and found enlightenment.
The project will take place every Friday.

Text and Photos: Wilson Monticelli