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Gafisa and Alphaville Foundation donates computers in Vila Brasilândia

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About 36 computers were donated to communities in the region of 3 Brasilândia Village on Tuesday (02/26/2013). The donation was the responsibility of the builder Gafisa and Alphaville Foundation, under the coordination of the Office of Sustainability.

The district, with more than 250,000 inhabitants, is the most populous city and through local organizations, social movements and cultural environment, can serve the population and cause benefits to its participants.

The Daring Popular Movement, is in the Garden of Damascus, sub-district of Vila Brasilândia is organized by Quintino José Viana. Computers donated to the group will collaborate in the process of communication on socio-environmental projects, such as the preservation of the Reserve Cantareira, is one example of the focus of the movement.

The community Shellmound, organized by Rosangela Macedo, coordinates cultural activities in the area of Garden Guarani, in order to preserve national culture and spread it through activities of living.

The group received computers that will help in the communication and administration of Shellmound, but also assist in reuse projects of urban land, another that serves the community.

St. Therese Parish, organized by Father Enrique Vidal Becerril is part of youth ministry, parish group that supports and serves the region. The donated computers will be used in digital inclusion programs and training courses.