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Condo makes double donation to Brasilândia

doaçao 1

When neighbors come together towards a sustainable act, everything good happens. St. Therese Parish and Technical Supervision of Health Brasilândia received donations Collection Campaign 2013 Condominium Building Palazzo Di Roque, south zone of São Paulo. The donations were divided into two parts:

• In the parish, the community will be met by the expansion of the library. Were there for school supplies (pencils, pens, chalk), clothes, approximately 200 children’s books in English, some in foreign paradicdatic with content and collections of pre-university course.

• In Supervision, all donations were distributed to centralized basic health units in the neighborhood, to expand the playrooms of UBS, attending children Brasilândia community as a whole. The donation consisted of backpacks, strollers, educational games etc.

The fundraising campaign going on for over three years and includes the participation of all residents who accumulate materials such as clothing, household utility items. The contributor of this edition was Ana Lucia, condominium resident who helped centralize and streamline the campaign donations along to neighbors.

Photos: Leticia Ferrari
Text: Wilson Monticelli