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Workshop runs environmental education classes

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Two schools of Brasilia were met with educational programs related to the environment in the week of Mother’s Day, the program Subdivision Damha Sustainable Urbanization in partnership with the Office of Sustainability.

Schools Albino Ferreira Braga and Aleixo, are in the neighborhood ABC Garden, West Town, received between 6 and May 8, schedules extra classes.

In the first school, 55 young people from 12 to 15 years, participated in the course “My gaze taking care of the environment.” The class, taught by staff of the Office of Sustainability, presented some of the history of photography and the importance of looking.

Both classes, morning and afternoon, attended photographic outlets in the neighborhood in which they live and divided into 3 groups that spread through the region to photograph what they like the place you live and what can be a problem.

And the look of youth proved accurate for the needs of the district. The morning class produced the sequence of photographic output, informative panels that show what they want and what they do not want to Garden ABC.

The school, the educational coordinator and staff saw the finished product and were impressed with the vision field of their students. The afternoon crowd made an assessment of the material collected on the projector in the classroom, saying what they considered positive or negative.

Already in Aleixo Braga, who was programming commands classrooms. Twelve teachers invited from both shifts attended class manufacturing toys with recyclables, Peterka Vanessa taught by oceanographer and ecologist by Carolina Araujo.

During the class period, it became clear that with little material, the child can interact more in the room, discover the fun and ludico recycling and teachers to aggregate more syllabus.
At the end, participants received CDs with exclusive material for environmental education, containing handouts, videos and materials for use in the classroom. The response from teachers has been positive to the point of using the material generated in the course, the next day’s classes.

Every action performed during the three days showed good interaction between participants and resulted in improved awareness of the local population is fully aware that simple actions transform everything.

Text: Wilson Monticelli

Photos: Ricardo Benitez and Wilson Monticelli