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Fair in Brasilândia enables plan goals

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Representatives from various fields related to art, culture, environment and health attended the Opportunities Fair Transition Brasilândia on 19/05 at CEU Garden Paulistano northern zone of São Paulo.

The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the values ​​of shared knowledge and how to join forces in simple acts that can generate major changes.

At the event, organized by the Office of Sustainability, met the Daring Popular Movement, the Institute Julia Campos, CCA (Centre for Child and Adolescent) Elos Institute, the AMAVB (Association of Residents of the Upper Village Brasilândia), leaders of UBS Brasilândia volunteers and guests, who with planning and new ideas, plans, goals established in the fields of art and culture, environment and health.

Meeting activities were divided into four stages, where in addition to strengthening the connections between participants, known or new, shared the achievements to be achieved during the year, the definition of success indicators that would allow each group could elaborate plan actually be done.
All groups planned meetings at least once a month to reinforce the ideas and projects to make progress. In the end, it set up a great schedule of activities for all groups by the end of the year.

Claudio Rodrigues, President and member of the AMAVB CADES (Council of Regional Environment, Sustainable Development and Culture of Peace by Brasilândia) mentioned that meetings of leaders collaborate in communication community. The strength of these social movements is not only within the meetings, as seen in the Opportunities Fair, but political mobilizations to demand more public action.

During the presentation of Plan Targets Subprefecture Parish / Brasilândia, over 200 people attended, including AMAVB, who scored the need for creation of Municipal Park Brasilândia and reform of Avenida Manoel Bolivar.

At the end of the event, participants took part in a dynamic network where shared through feelings, which accounted for each day. Inspiration, renewed hope, joy and mission, were some of the sentiments that afternoon.

The changes occurring since 2009, this being the first crafted in the form of fair, where the movements of the local community gathered to meet and enter into synergy.

According Isabela Menezes, articulating movement Transition Towns in Brasilândia scored big improvement in the relationship of the groups that participated, and says that since the beginning of the project site, there is a fusion between categories of associations, such as in health and culture eg .

Both unions between groups, and the development of new leaders are perceived by the forces of the projects. Menezes participates Light Cinema and Favela.

From the first meeting, feel that the function of Transitions in Brasilândia is to support groups that are already developed. “Do not reinvent any wheel, helped run one that already exists to continue.”

Words and photos by Wilson Monticelli