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Oficina follow the works in Brasilândia

oasis inanna1

The members of the Office of Sustainability, Isabela Menezes and Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone accompanied, during the afternoon of Monday, the completion of works on the project Oasis Brasilândia the Elos Institute.

Ariane Mates, Natasha Gabriel and Paul Farine, Elos team worked on the task force together with the residents of Brasilândia running painting the walls and general maintenance of the project.
The action was supported by participants Gaia and Tows Transition movement, which reinforced the characteristic enhancement of the community, and the union of several movements and people engaged towards a purpose beneficial to the neighborhood.

Dividing the participants into two teams, two actions were executed simultaneously: a painting of a church on the site and the creation of a football field, in a land that was once waste disposal point.

Interestingly, according Inanna was the engagement of young people in the place to make real a desire of the group, which was to have a recreational area and make it into their own hands.
Near the ground, was produced a staircase made ​​of tires that has in its extent an area of ​​planting. During the passage of the workshop staff in the district, also visited the movement Brasilianas, which reinforced the contact and support.

During the visit to the CEU Garden Paulistano girls attended the meeting of the Transition Towns Brasilândia where did the partnership for project creation Solarium, where planting areas will be built in the vicinity of EMEF.

Text: Wilson Monticelli

Photos: Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone and Isabella Menezes