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Nova feira da Saúde expande parceiros


The 4th Feira da Saude Sustentavel (Sustainable Health Fair) began last Saturday in an animated mood in the Parque Linear do Canivete, Jardim Damasceno, Vila Brasilândia. There were tents of sweet and salty snacks, accessories and crocheted items, a swap fair and new partners to introduce themselves to the neighbourhood.

The event, which was organised by the regional Unidades Basicas de Saude, UBS (Primary Care Unit) together with local partners, involved NGOs and community movements affiliated with the environment, education and health, and the Oficina da Sustentabilidade.

From the first edition of the Feira da Saude Sustentavel, the intent has been to share information with local leaders and to bring activities that benefit the population into public spaces in the neighbourhood. The community thus united for improvements and for the wellbeing of everyone.

After the morning start, the group, Saude & Vida (Health and Life) led free activities with the community including classes on stretching, breathing exercises and walking. The UBS team divided themselves into various groups to take blood pressure, test blood glucose, lead workshops on vertical planting with PET bottles, give sexual education, and distribute condoms.

Embelleze Institute had free haircuts while the group Ciclo Cidade did small bicycle repairs. There was also the famous Brasilândia Swap and presentations of various sustainability projects such as a home-made biodigestor, home-made soap, and the making of earrings with recycled material by the group Arte na Rua (art in the streets).

Throughout the event groups based in and around Brasilândia put on cultural presentations. The capoeira group Evoluarte performed in the linear park and local gospel musicians and two theatre groups put on a comedy for children and youth. The Programas Ambientes Verdes e Saudaveis, PAVS (Programmes for Green and Healthy Environments) group performed a play about the dangers of waste thrown in nature.

AES Eletropaulo, another group, put on an educational mini cinema for children and Sabesp launched a water filtration station for the community. The civil guard and firefighter crew set up spaces where they provided guidance on the dangers of highrisk areas and on the exploitation of natural resources.

The Centre for the Control of Zoonotic Diseases also presented on precautionary steps against urban pests. They spoke about the danger of leaving a house exposed to disease by not treating and organising waste, and putting it in the right place. For children it was also an opportunity to experience otherwise scary animals such as rats and bats in glass boxes without the associated risks.

Monica Picavea and Carolina Ribeiro Araujo of the Oficina da Sustentabilidade organised a planting close to the Bananal stream in the Mandalah garden. The planting served as environmental rehabilitation to help deter the irregular disposal of waste, as well as a form of engaging neighbours in an activity that would preserve their environment.

Organisers: UBS Brasilândia, Cruz das Almas, Guarani, Nova Esperança, Paulistano, Penteado, Silmarya, Vila Terezinha, Vila Ramos e Vista Alegre, Associação Comunitária Beija Flor – Jardim Carumbé, Sabesp, Grupo Brasilianas, Projeto Saci, Núcleo Verde e Meio Ambiente Norte, Cooperativa Doces Talentos, Transition Brasilândia, Comunidade Sambaqui, Corpo de bombeiros, Polícia Ambiental, Escola Genésio, Tetrapak, Oficina da Sustentabilidade, Sociedade Beneficente Caminhando para o Futuro, Secretaria Municipal do Verde e Meio Ambiente, Subprefeitura Freguesia do Ó/ Brasilândia, Secretaria Municipal de Saúde Associação de Moradores “Damasceno Já”, Silcon Ambiental, SUS, Núcleo de Apoio à Saúde da Família (NASF), Defesa Civil Municipal de São Paulo, Movimento Ousadia Popular, Grupo Inova, Projeto Capitão do Mato, Ong Arte de Viver, Mensageiros da Esperança Associação dos Ciclistas Urbanos de São Paulo (Ciclo Cidade), Amizade Futebol Clube, Comissão dos Moradores Jardim Brasília e Vitória Régia, Programa Ambientes Verdes e Saudáveis (PAVS), Rattu’s Fitness Academia, Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Pública e Resíduos Especiais(ABRELPE), Associação Saúde da Família, Fundação Stickel, Programa Bioleo, Suvis Freguesia/Brasilândia (Supervisão de vigilância em Saúde) e AES Eletropaulo.

Text and Photos: Wilson Monticelli

Translated by Wangũi Kamonji