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3rd Health Fair in Sustainable Brasilândia

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The day started in the Garden of Damascus, near the mountains of Cantareira, with the organization’s staff have standing to make it all happen. Taking advantage of the mild sun, the walking group started its activities with yoga, stretching and breathing offered by the group “Art of living”.
After the official opening, the stage built by the Municipality of São Paulo, the shows of artistic groups did not stop one minute, starting with Group D’Rolê then Offset Band, Dance Wings of Faith, James and Timothy, Band Seven, ending with the lively band Krisma. Also had poultry with school Genésio.
With synergy and harmony, many activities took place simultaneously, the team at UBS guiding young people about STDs, AIDS, condom delivery, and also did not miss classes for children about oral health – delivery of basic kits.
The civil defense staff guided visitors on risk areas, handling Bottled gas and underwent exchange taps overdue. The residents of Jd, Damascemo could also rely on vaccination against rabies in dogs and cats, and rodents campaign against dengue offered by SUVIS, service station and truck Sabesp’s educational AESEletropaulo.
The project team also attended Arcade, recording the event, and offering Stencil workshop for kids and movie shows. And that was not all. Other workshops also took place throughout the day, such as paper crafts with the girls UBS and tetrapack with S. Zagalo, resident of Jd. Elisa Maria, not to mention the work of art made by graffiti Smoky embelazando the Linear Park.

The group attended the Art of Living program with Yoga and Breathing in the morning and a tent disclosure Course Breath, Water and Sound (RAS) that is being offered in the community.

The fair was also part of sustainable upset, what was happening in São Paulo between days 02 and 03. Children’s books offered by the organization was the subject of many smiles of the children who passed by. Speaking of sustainability, beyond the point of delivery of oil, battery, RX drugs and junk, even had a wishing tree group Saci, planting trees offered by DGD-norte1 and model of sustainable home, work sustainability workshop.

To sustain literally all the guys, the food and drinks were well served with fresh talent group and women’s group UBS Guarani, who also took their artesantos of crochet and embroidery to sell at the market. The group also sold its Brasiliano bags reused, counting one more point for sustainability.

This great event was built through partnerships and collaboration of various actors of the civil community, public and business with obejtivo occupy in a healthy and sustainable stream of the Linear Park of the Knife, is the living example of collective creation, where everyone donates it has to do something bigger … congratulations to everyone who participated in this great event …. next year’s more!!