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Fair Trade in Brasilândia


Since the first Transition Brasilândia in 2009, formed several working groups, and one of them was the group of Fair Trading. The Fair Trade is an alternative model of consumption more sustainable, it is not necessary to raise more resources to get something different, fun and most of it is socializing with friends and stories to convince the exchange of products.

Initiatives by the project lead, Aline and Priscilla, residents of Brasilândia, decided to revive the group. To start and learn how to make a good campaign exchanges, Isabela Menezes, the Office of Sustainability, supported the initiative and took the calls and conversations on the day of the Fair.

The fair was held in the house of the grandmother Aline and Priscilla, with participation by weight of family and friends. Everyone left very satisfied with the new products purchased were books for clothes, bags for shoes … and most importantly, without having to take out a real pocket! After that first fair, with more experience, Priscila Aline and intend to continue fairs, now with the participation of more people. Soon publish new calls.