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Lecture on Social Organization is presented in Campo Grande

Monica Picavea University lectured Brotherhood, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul The invitation came from Silvana Fornari Dreyer, vice president of the Confraternity of Coatings and one of the founders of the University.

Fornari minister currently the Training Course for Managers, a program of organizational development with a focus on competence. The course is 144 hours and includes classroom and virtual classes, as presented by Picavea.

The theme of the lecture was “The Role and Responsibility of Social Organization” proposed by Professor Marcia Delalibera. She started the class contextualizing social responsibility, especially after the Industrial Revolution.

Throughout the class talked about business ethics and sustainability, which occurs only when it reaches three dimensions: Social, Economic and Environmental the second presented.

From the explanations of Prof Marcia Picavea presented as occurs in practice social responsibility beyond counting experiments and results, all the theoretical context, political and social functioning.

The visit was positive by the importance given to this subject in a very important place of learning, where managers prepared to form a new reality more environmentally and ethically.