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Brasilândia receives second change fair


On Saturday, happened on the Monday Brasilândia Solidarity. With the success of the first edition, the ladies of the Transition Brasilândia Priscila Aline and with the support of Isabela Menezes (Office of Sustainability) organized this second moment of exchange!

The event was publicized by region and by channels of the internet, along with a guide on how to participate in the Fair Exchanges, stressing that the intention is to change habits for the exchange that will address the mutual need and of course the fun and generosity.

The meeting was at the home of Priscilla, where ten people attended. Everyone enjoyed a snack supportive and cheerful conversation. Isabela exchanged a scarf and a shoe by a clique electric super practical.

During the fair, participants agreed that the Solidarity Trade Exchanges, henceforth, be held every second Saturday of each month from 14h in different locations to create turnover.

We remind you that the Solidarity Fair Exchanges Brasilândia is a result of working groups that emerged from the Transition Brasilândia and it is an alternative model of sustainable consumption, it is not necessary to raise more resources to get something different, and the most fun of all is the interaction with friends and stories to convince the exchange of products.