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Isabela Menezes lecture to MDGV


Isabela Menezes (Office of Sustainability / Transition Towns) gave on July 16 lecture on the Transition Towns Movement at the invitation of the Movement in Defense of Granja Viana (MDGV).

The lecture was an opportunity to present the Movement, its origin with Rop Hopkins and global context for its emergence encompassing the three dilemmas of human life on the planet: peak oil, global warming and economic crisis.

The Transition Towns is a movement that proposes changing attitudes towards environmental and social problems, the first step being the resilience of cities and individuals, and the reduction of human dependency. Isabela stressed the importance of cities being the focus of action, think of local resources in a closed loop that avoids waste and dispersion that occurs in open cycles.

The Transition Granja Viana already performs various actions in their community as Fair Exchanges, the Ecofeira and Earth Hour. After his talk the MDGV committed to connecting with the Movement in order to assist in its transformative power, which is very gratifying for us that we are in transition!