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2nd Stage Bioconstruction Hands On


Free Stage in the Hands On Bioconstruction held from August 23 to August 31 in CEU Jd Paulistano community Brasilândia. After a few months of preparation to get support, raise funds for the purchase of materials, and collecting inscriptions those interested in participating, the stage began to more reform in the space of Geodesy.

In the first Hands On at CEU Garden Paulistano, volunteers and participants of the course Gaia Education built with funding from the Institute CRIS UMAPAZ, Office of Sustainability, Todescan Siciliano Architecture and ANAB Brazil, Geodesic structure.
These ten working days, participants learned techniques of soil with cement based paint and dirt. They built a mosaic tiled, and received guidance on all permaculture techniques with Marcos No one who is responsible for project implementation along with Robert bambuzeiro Zuum.

The “masseiros”, as they were affectionately dubbed the participants, installed windows on Geodesic to improve brightness, air circulation and prevent vandalism.

Earlier this year the Geodesic suffered damage during the Cultural Turn, it is believed that the curious wanted to know what was inside the structure and therefore broke part of your wall, now with windows no more need for vandalism.

The geodesic was built with the purpose of being a Reference Center for Sustainability Education Center Unified in-CEU Garden Paulistano, using the space to promote sustainability through displays of sustainable technologies (water harvesting, solar oven, worm farm, solar, green roof), intervention in (orchard and garden) and worked for the Environmental Education Project “Foot in the Ground”.

The structure consists of a dome composed of a network of triangles that form a roughly spherical surface, attached to a bamboo structure covered with plastic sheeting and iron. The network maintains produced a coating comprising clay, sand and cement and supported by a bearing base made of superadobe.
Pé no Chão is the continuing process of “Head in the Stars” and “Hands On” and was held in August 2011 with classes of various ages CIS EMEI and EMEF, where they learned about the Geodesic, mini storage tank Rainwater and the operation of a solar furnace. And also were conducted wheels stories with children.

Another technique learned by masseiros was building toys and gardens with old tires and used, taught by Mister and his team of Spanish basurama Collective, which were great partners in this endeavor.

The partnership that already tops the Hands on since 2011, the Sustainability Workshop, Institute CRIS, CEU Jd Paulistano and Transition Brasilândia included the donation of building materials for the garden and for several other partners, among them, Mr. Valdir (Zagalo) , Hocimar, Rosana ADS Communication, Daniela Terracini, Katia Vasconcellos, José Carlos da Eprom and financial donations through the site


The stage for many of the participants was important not only for the construction and hands-on itself, but the exchange of experiences. Many came from other states such as Goiás, Paraná and even other countries, Turkey and Italy.

Moreover, had the opportunity to meet a completely different realities of which they are accustomed. The initiative of these agents of change was very well received by staff CEU Jd Paulistano and the children who attend there, besides serving as inspiration for these and for local residents.

We are scheduling another stage to the stage this year in order to finalize the internal floor covering, install a water catchment system and a nursery made of bamboo. Stay tuned to the calls and will be part of this transformation!