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Sixth Transition Towns Conference 2012 in London


In September 2012 took place in London in Battersea Arts Centre, the 6th Conference of the Transition Towns. Where more than 200 people around the world attended. The Office of Sustainability with the Transition Brasilândia and transiton Granja Viana, sent their representative and main organizer of the transitional movements in Brazil, Menezes Isabela.

The theme this year was “Building resilience in extraordinary times.” The matter was discussed, felt and worked for six days of full immersion in the movement.

The groups represented by transition initiatives worldwide and Brazil, where attended Isabela Menezes, Frank Siciliano, Marcelo Todescan, Arakaki and Claudia Simon, did Thrive training, designed to improve the performance of the groups that are already in action.

Participants were also able to attend the Symposium and Youth Day “REconomy” (term used to describe the concept of social enterprises in transition) presenting their work and initiatives. This Day, Isabela Menezes presented with a lot of class groups of social and solidarity economy articulated by Transition Brasilândia, the first initiative in a low-income community.

The conference also featured the launch of the first movement of the quarterly journal “Transition Free Press.” The official opening of the conference was given with a welcome from the President of the Transition Network, Peter Lipman.

The next day of activities, occurred the formation of “Home Groups” an interesting strategy sharing impressions of the event among people from different locations, a section of OpenSpace, technology discussion groups; Workshops of various themes, among them ” How to communicate for the Transition “,” The role of the arts in transition “,” Local Currency “,” How to transform local food initiatives in companies socias “, and etc., and finally, Transition Cabaret, which was attended poets, writers, music and dance to liven up the evening.
Our representative along with Frank Siciliano, Claudia Arakaki and Dani Terracini attended the Workshop Rob Hopkins, one of the founders of the movement, which presented the theme “We must reformulate the transition times of austerity?” Where the discussion permeated the different economic situations and how is the transition.

On the fourth day, the participants proposed was the construction of a fictional Transition Town “Anywhere,” a remarkable practical experience of the groups that demanded organization, organicity, creativity and application of all the knowledge acquired and shared so far. The activity yielded a “picnic” and a party in the street constructed by the participants.
The closure had the speeches of the great articulators of Transition Network, Sophie Banks, Rob Hopkins and Peter Lipman. It was also the end to the suggestion that the Conference next year happen outside the UK, as the movement takes on global dimensions and most participants of this edition were not the UK.

Our official representative, excited about all the activities and events wrote a beautiful story inspired by stories like that of Rob Hopkins.

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