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Change Market in Brasilândia


Aline and Priscilla, residents of Brasilândia, organized the event that more joy to the community, the Fair Exchanges, now, every Saturday of the month. The movement is centered in the home of relatives of leaders and this edition, the home of the grandmother of the girls is the meeting point. The idea is that this event is itinerant and anyone interested can host it.

With good weather, and a huge backyard overlooking the Garden Guarani, has begun the Fair. Everyone in the region appeared: the neighbors, aunts, cousins. The boys did not show up in quantity, but the brothers and boyfriends of the girls represented the portion male on staff.

More than several exchanged, the time was valued by laughter and new encounters watered by homemade cake Mother of Pri. Products traded at the fair, became details … details full story … after all, not everyone who has a product coming from FAIR EXCHANGE OF Brasilândia!!