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Fruits Foot On Floor

Pé no Chão

The Office of Sustainability / CRIS, promoted the short course “Pé no Chão – Education for Sustainability” teachers of a CIS-Center for Early Childhood Education (0-4 years), one-EMEI Municipal School of Early Childhood Education (4-5 years) and a EMEF-Municipal School of Elementary Education (6-9 years) in the region of Brasilândia São Paulo.

The short course consisted of four sessions divided into themes: Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview. The “down to earth” was created to continue the process “hands on” with the geodesic bioconstruction, making this space is used by the community as a promoter of sustainability.

Inspired by this experience, in 2012, the central theme of the work of teachers was Environment. Worked the issue of trash and art, care for the planet, the life cycle of plants, marine life etc.. And to add content, the teachers relied on visits to the Sensory Garden, the garden and also visit the geodesic of S. Quintino, a master guardian of the nature of Brasilândia.

The Cultural Shows EMEI was a great harvest this process. Can observe several works with students involving recyclable and art panels on the environment and more. As an example, a large anthill scheme was assembled by students from recyclable materials.

The faculty EMEI liked the result and looks new fruit: “children already show a lot more respect for the environment and teach their parents at home, no one throws trash on the floor in front of them, is scolding the right!” enthusiastic words of Tania Quintal, coordinator of EMEI.