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Workshop launches first Thrive Training in Latin America

ThriveThe Sustainability Workshop organized on 7 and 8 December the Transition Thrive Training, under the command of May East coaching in space The Hub SP in São Paulo. The purpose of this training was to strengthen, review and follow up of ongoing projects and start new transition groups.
The team that participated in the training consisted oftransitional movements Brazilians: Brasilândia Transition, Transition Granja Viana, Piracicaba Transition, Transition Guarulhos,other movements as ecobarrio, Slow Food and Terra Goddess, and interested who have not connected with movements and students academics.
On the first day of the meeting, May East mapped members identifying the stages of transition groups. With the mapping done showed the movement of Transition Towns, concepts, principles and ingredients. After the explanation was time to work the participants’ understanding of each ingredient of the movement, through letters which participants defined timelines to initiate, understand, connect and build the transition.
On the second day, divided into groups according to the regions of operation. Have the participants who were not in a specific motion were integrated into ongoing groups. They carried the diagnosis of their projects, followed closely by May East.

The diagnosis was made from a tool of analysis from various points of their projects, in order to identify the progress and from each topic to get an overview. At the end, the groups presented their findings and the conclusions about the observed. Along with coaching, each group reflected on the next steps and future actions to be implemented.