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Brasilândia certified by international travel

The International Course Design for Sustainability, Gaia Transition is the first unit to be offered a low-renda.O course was funded by Gaia Education, UMAPAZ, CRIS Institute and Office of Sustainability.
The four modules on the topics, social, ecological, economic and world view, elucidated the group on the concepts of the new world forming a socially healthy, environmentally friendly, economically fair and balanced mentally.

The group of 17 new gaianos, heterogeneous, included neighborhood residents, health officials, representatives of third sector institutions, and others interested in learning.

The delivery of the certificates was a great time for the reunion of true friends formed by ties of affinity and values​​. Words were exchanged for reporting the changes that the whole process of education gaia brought to life the recens gaianos.

Completing this moment, the video was displayed on the Stage in voluntary Ecovillage Atalanta. Concluding the event, Monica Picavea and Isabella Menezes handed in the hands deserved certificates for all attendees.

The moment of joy was even more tasty tidbits with Candy talents to complete the party. And thus was formed the first group to transition Gaianos! These seeds germinate with many good fruits for humanity.