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Sustainable Tourism in Brasilândia

Aoka, social enterprise sustainable tourism, organized a meeting in Brasilândia with a group of students from the University of Illinois-Chicago, USA. And the Office of Sustainability accompanied this visit to explain about the Transition Movement Brasilândia.

The purpose of the visit was to Brasilândia beyond what show a suburb of São Paulo, in fact the intention was to show the opportunities for income generation and improved quality of life that can be developed in communities where there is income lowered their mobilization.


The script was very diverse and enriching, starting with the community garden of UBS’s Jd. Guarani, now under the care of a neighborhood resident, Dona Ernestina, the garden was an initiative of the Program-PAVs healthy green environments and supported by Transition Brasilândia. The land was once used as waste disposal, now gave way to a garden that complements agroecological feeding many neighborhood residents.
The visit continued at the headquarters of the NGO Movement Daring Popular in Jd. Damascene. There all listened attentively to the story of the life of S. Quintino and recognized the work of popular mobilization for protection of nature remaining Brasilândia. One of his achievements was the implementation of the Linear Park of the stream Knife, which was also visited by the group.

Completing the journey, the group met the Brasilianas, group of women who use awnings and tetra pak box to produce bags, aprons and computer cases. It is a social business to generate income. Some took the opportunity to purchase the products of high quality and environmentally friendly.

At lunchtime, the proposal was also supporting social initiatives in the neighborhood, so the menu was commanded by the group Sweet Feats that opening a bakery quality on busy Av Cantidio Sampaio. Is also a social business to generate income.

Then, guided by Dimas, the group recognized the work of the collective of young Spaniards Boamistura “light in the alleys”, entering the narrow alleys to meet the 5 words painted with the support of the community: LOVE, FIRMLY, TRICK, PRIDE and BEAUTY.

To end the day, the group visited the space cuttura traditional Shellmound, where he had the time for questions and reflections about what was seen during the day, and also the moment of fun with the songs and dances of cacuriá led by Rosangela and Dimas , members of the Shellmound.

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