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Sensory Garden-Second Stage

sensorial parte dois

To celebrate Earth Day, April 22, the staff of the Institute CRIS / Office of Sustainability and Rio + you organized the second joint effort of the Sensory Garden CEU Garden Paulistano, replacing some plants that do not restiram the summer. Mother Earth was also honored with a serene rain did not discourage those who attended.

To complete the planting, on Tuesday following the EMEI children participated in the planting, met participation worm and its benefits for nature and helped dye the water of PETs that they themselves brought to surround the beds.

Beyond the garden, also had planting hedges with sword of Saint George and wind break on the playground of children with margaridão.

The garden aims to stimulate the senses of the students and all who wear the CEU, besides apromixá them to nature. This action was carried out with support from the municipal nursery Manequinho Lopes who donated the seedlings.