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Make the Difference Day in Cordeiro

Arte no Instituto Melo Cordeiro

The little sun rose on the horizon, and people were already arriving in the Lamb – company-electric cables and wires to make this Sunday one day really different. The breakfast was reinforced and stretch thoroughly heated, to prepare the body before putting your hands dirty.

And with all the energy and goodwill of employees in Cordeiro, the Office of Sustainability and Mirai Judo Association formed a team of weight to revive UBS Vila Santo Antonio, located in a poor neighborhood of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, close to the company.

Three working groups were formed: the support staff, the staff of the garden and the gang paint. The support staff prepared breakfast, lunch and a super varied and tasty and afternoon snack with fruits and juices, in addition to constantly provide fresh water for everyone in the deal, since the team’s garden, planted seedlings ipe , hibiscus, palm trees and roses, besides cleaning the garden and make a compost of leaves and in future, the result of this work will bring beauty, shade and fresh air for UBS.

Meanwhile, the painting team was creating beautiful works of art in the halls of medical care, turning a sad and lifeless environment in lots of color and joy. The works were inspired by renowned artists such as Alfredo Volpi, Keith Haring, Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, Joan Miró, Andy Warhol and Romero Brito, the intention is, besides colors and beauty bring culture to the clinic goers.

Besides the famous artists also had rooms created by the event organizers and graffiti community and at the end everyone was true artists, the surprising result was the result of much dedication and resilience, and thus, 13 rooms were transformed into exhibition panels.

This great day to make a difference was organized by the Institute Melo Cordeiro with acessoria Workshop sustainability, and was so successful that everyone is already waiting for the next edition.