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Transition Meeting Brasilândia

Reuniao Brasilandia


Some wonder what the “Transition Brasilandia”. Transition is not an NGO, not is a public institution, or company, The Transition movement is a free and self managerial, where everyone has the right to speak and even leading power.

In this movement the talents of each are connected in a network of information, building bridges between what needs to change, and those who have the will to change, leading to a practical action that transforms the life of the community as a whole.

It was with this spirit that the first meeting of the year took place on 31, in the Presbyterian Church of Villa Therese. The group was very heterogeneous but all with the same principle: desire and need for transition. To start, a schedule of activities was completed collectively.

Then, we discussed some topics of interest to the group, such as the possible organization of a group solidarity economy. Finally, both groups were divided labor. One on Art and Culture, spoke about the proposed footprint for building a culture center in Brasilândia.

And also a group on Environment which drew an outline of the project that can be Zero Waste funding for the Notice of FEMA-Special Fund for the Environment and Sustainable Development. Now await the next meeting, and many more things that can happen.

Gifts: Gilson, Cristian, Gilberto / Brasilandia Movies
Marina / Art of Living
Dimas, Rosangela / Shellmound
Helena / UBS Jd. Guarani
Fabiana / PAVs
Kingslayer / Domorro productions
Claudio, Eliel / MCZN-AMAVB
Zagalo / ABC Palmare
Adriana / Foundation Stickel
Ana / Cells transformations
Roger, Rodrigo / UL Isabel
Leticia / GVces
Marcela / Filiperama
Monica, Carolina, Mariana / CRIS Office of Sustainability
Ricardo / Butanta