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Jaguaré transition Sustainable


Monica Picavea, Isabela Menezes (Office of Sustainability / CRIS) and Dimas Kings (Transition Brasilândia) attended this week Jaguaré to facilitate movement towards more sustainable transition.

Both mornings meeting assembled a very heterogeneous group, comprising representatives of the first, second and third sector, and neighborhood residents.

At first there was recapitulated the Transition Towns movement by presenting the case of Transition Brasilândia. Then a dynamic led the group to define its values​​, vision and mission *.

On the second day, we decided that some basic agreements will be respected from now to facilitate in decision making and in collective discussions. And to end the morning’s agenda meeting of the year was set.

* Values: Joy, contentment, compassion, perseverance, honesty, solidarity, tolerance, donation. Vision: Equal rights; Jaguaré best, clean, healthy, legal education, united, beautiful, with participation example, committed citizens, local development. Mission: To be a lever for sustainable development and transformation Jaguaré, through the union of the various actors of the district, according to the values ​​established by the group in order to provide quality of life to all its residents.