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Tati Nolla opens different workshop

This semester was held in São José dos Campos a photography workshop very peculiar, many of the students are visually impaired. This is the proposal of a novel project in Brazil: 24 hours Looking Universal, the result of a partnership between the Secretariat of State of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation (FCCR), which hosted the workshop.

The innovative idea and the first workshop on these lines was promoted by Monica Picavea, a founding member of the Sustainability Workshop. The objective of the course, and provide people, disabled or not, a perception of the world differently, sharpening other senses, the project provides photographic experiences that promote the interaction of participants with situations that arouse sensitivity and interest in everyday life, for situations, objects and environments that go unnoticed in the reality of each.

The photograph in this case, can be a tool to improve the self-esteem of participants, empowering them to do something that they usually do not. The workshop was taught by photographer Tati Nolla explaining about classes, which apply the basic techniques of photography using digital cameras normal for audio description (narration that works with the disabled in the creation, training and imagination of the scene, helping understand and build that environment to be photographed), through the distance and the use of the senses as hearing, smell and touch. The workshop ended with 15 graduates showing their photos in Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation.