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Sensory Garden in Jardim Paulistano


Now the teachers and children of CEI (0-4 years) and EMEI (4 and 5 years) will have one more place to spend their time and learn more about plants and nature. This week the Sensory Garden of CEU Jd. Paulistano was planted with support from Instituto CRIS / Oficina da Sustentabilidade and the management of CEU, and especially with the participation of 10 classes at EMEI and the CEI class. Everyone got their hands dirty planting 140 seedlings donated by the Manequinho Lopes City nursery.

There are four beds divided by different senses. The first of them stimulates the sense of touch with the feet, with a path of expanded clay, wood, leaves, soil and sand. The second patch stimulates the sense of smell, with plants that exude scent in their leaves such as citronella, rosemary, lavender, basil, rue and mint. The following bed stimulates the sense of sight with rosinha de sol flowers, maria sem vergonha, gardenia, camarão amarelo and yellow daisy. The last patch, has plants with different textures stimulating contact with hands including jade plant, bilberry, bilberry kid, dedo-de-moça and espada de São Jorge.

Besides these plots, two more beds were also done with all species randomly located to stimulate children’s curiosity so that they realise that the same species can stimulate different senses, such as the bilberry and gardenia.

Now all we need to wait for is the plants to grow so that teachers can bring their classes to enjoy the garden. They are eagerly awaiting and whenever they pass the entrance of the building, where the garden is, some of them are keen to announce that they helped plant and will take care of the garden too. And so a bond with nature is being formed with the children of CEU, and it is hoped that this approach will provide many good fruits for the future.