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Isabela Menezes does a worm farm workshop at Comunidade Direito de Viver

Comunidade Direito de Viver (Right to Live) is a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, alcoholics, and people living at risk. This home located in the municipality of Santa Isabel-SP yesterday received the organizer of the Transition Brazil Isabela Menezes who led a workshop on making a worm farm with the residents. Her visit was supported by Oficina da Sustentabilidade and Instituto CRIS.

The workshop began with a conversation that contextualized the process of waste production to raise awareness on this global problem. The conversation then went to reducing the production of waste, and putting waste in the right places such as in recycling and composting, especially with the worm farm.

Thus, we started the workshop in practice with buckets and earthworms. They set up the worm farm and learnt the process of transforming raw food scraps into compost for the garden. Everyone was very excited and wanted to continue. The next step will be planting medicinal and other herbs.