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Planting trees to celebrate!

The first step of the process Pé no Chão (Environmental Education), in São Paulo CEU Garden was completed this week. The ongoing sustainability practice teachers Teaching Children ended, and to celebrate children’s EMEI planted 10 seedlings of native trees.The course consisted of four meetings, divided into themes: Social, Ecological and Economic.

The primary goal of awareness and education teachers to begin working with children about sustainability, primarily using space geodetic (built within the CEU, the group Hands On / CRIS Institute Workshop and Sustainability).

From this course, some activities have been undertaken, such as tree planting day and visit to the geodesic, in addition, other activities were planned: the main one will be planting a sensory garden to stimulate children’s senses through scents , texture and appearance of the plants.

As a result of this course, a booklet is being prepared as a practical guide for environmental education with outreach activities, stories and games for children on the topic. And so there is the possibility that the environmental theme be the next to be worked by teachers next year.

Leveraging the rains of spring and to celebrate the completion of the first stage of the process “Foot On Floor” yesterday were planted 10 seedlings of native trees around the playground of fun for children. They were really curious and excited, reported their experiences with plants and realized these new companions who would live there will bring much fruit, shade and fresh air for leisure time. They pledged to take care of seedlings and give lots of love while they are growing.