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Cantareira invades the city


To celebrate World Tree Day, on September 21, 100 native trees were planted in a fragment of the Atlantic forest, located at number 4000 Avenue Cantídio Deputado Sampaio, bordering the Jardim Paulistano, Damasceno, Vista Alegre, and CDHU Jardim dos Francos.

Led by S. Quintino Viana, the movement Ousadia Popular (Popular Daring) fights for that area to be consolidated as Brasilândia Park for the clean-up of the stream, protection of water, construction of the nursery one day and so that we can still enjoy this oasis without degrading nature.

This area of approximately 2000 m², is a precious treasure that Brasilândia still has in the midst of so many constructions and urbanization. This remnant of the Atlantic forest still survives, welcoming many springs and streams, mainly the Canivete stream, which suffers from pollution from the city. There are reports that there still lives a family of Bugios (a small black monkey, typical of the Atlantic forest).

To make this dream a reality, several groups have joined together to help Cantareira invade the city by planting 100 seedlings of native trees of approximately 3 meters, donated by the public body DGD Norte- 1.

With logistical support from the sub-prefecture of Freguesia do Ó/ Brasilandia and people from the groups Saci, Pavs, Cris and Oficina da Sustentabilidade, in particular health workers and agents of the environment, got their hands dirty and made ​​this day commemorating the tree a feat.

Now we continue the work, following the newly planted trees of the future Brasilândia Park so they may bring good things for all of us.