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Transitions Towns is presented in an international event

On Friday, Monica Picavea, director of the Oficina da Sustenabilidade presented the case for sustainability in low-income communities, addressing how Transition can and must be based on social justice.

The presentation was part of the Strategy Summit 2011, which brought together numerous national and international speakers and involved companies from all segments. Financed by BNDES and the publishers Campus and Elsevier, the 2011 Summit was sponsored by Symnetics and Infinity – Conferences and Exhibitions, and had for its main speaker, Satish Kumar – founder of Schumacher College, the oldest school in the world of sustainability (

Talking about Oficina

It is impossible to create a society in transition, a sustainable and resilient one without everyone being a part of it. And the best part is that communities are ready, and have great potential to teach about creating community to all groups in transition.

Transition Brasilândia, is an unprecedented example of how a community makes the transition to sustainability, developing innovative projects, and full of meaning.

“I really believe that the world is changing because so many entrepreneurs talk about such important issues as transition in a low-income community, showing that we all have responsibility for social inequalities. It is something that I could not even imagine a few years ago,” says Monica.

The Strategy Execution Summit also had as speakers:
Penha Anderson, Daniel Egger, Marcelo Fernandes, Ricardo Viana Vargas, Jarbas Guimarães, Edson Erial Symnetics

Jorge Leonardo Duarte Exportaminas

Alvaro Hargain – Commercial Manager Ready! Uruguay with the winner of Balaced Scorecard Hall of Fame 2010 in Latin America.

Chief Judge Maria Inês Cunha Dornelles 4th Regional Labor Court, Nelson Simões – Director General of the National Education and Research Network (RNP), Rodrigo Nascimento Corumba – Managing Director and Technology – Banese – Banco de Sergipe with the casestudy: Best Practices in Premium Execution in the public sector.

André Balbi Cervino – CEO, Rexam Beverage Cans Americas – Executing Strategy: the successful experience of Rexam.

André Skaf – AJPS President and Founder of New Leaders Group, Paulo Ricardo Valle – Dekor Coatings partner, shareholder Perfipar, Pedro Fiuza – Servtec Energy with the case: The new thinking in Brazilian Business.

Sivio War – IR director of Finds and Paul Borsatto CFO and IRO stores with Marisa Challenges of Corporate Governance

Alexandre Bamberg – CEO Thyrssenkrupp Bilstein Brazil and Fabio Rodrigues Amonex president of Brazil with the case: Managing for Change: challenges for leadership.

Luiz Augusto Barcelos – Superintendent of Cemig and Prof. Dr João Ricardo Moderno – president of the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy – The future of the Triple Bottom Line.

Tarcisio Albuquerque Queiroz – Superintendent of Planning and strategy management – Cemig, Goddess Carvalho Ramos – Strategic management of Senai – National Department, Christopher Davies Junior – Executive Supervisor of the management area of ​​the BSC – Volkswagen of Brazil; Simone Smith – Coordinator System Integrated Management Dept Pelletizing Vale, Paulo Barcellos Cesar Araujo, manager of Corporate Planning BNDES – National Bank for Economic and Social Development.

Dr. Luiz Ary Messina – National Coordinator for Telemedicine University Network – RUTH – National Network of Education and Research RNP; case with the democratisation of health services through technology.

Alvaro Augusto Malaguti – Project manager for Culture, Arts and Humanities – National Network of Education and Research Network (RNP – with case the democratisation of culture through technology.

Monica Picavea, director of the Oficina da Sustentabilidade and the superintendent of CRIS – with the casestudy: Transition Towns Brazil – the formation of sustainable communities.

Junior Jackson – Founder of SBrasil – with the casestudy: Fair Brazil Initiative with small sustainable coffee producers.

Guti Fraga actor and director of Grupo Nós do Morro – with the casestudy: Social inclusion through art: the experience of Nós do Morro

Marcelo Cardoso – Vice President of Desenvolvimento Organizacional e Sustentabilidade da Natura- Sustainability, strategy and inclusion of stakeholders: the experience of Natura.

Satish Kumar – Founder of Schumacher College – England – Global Economic Advisor with the Special Session: Strategic Paths to Brazil: how to grow sustainably in a complex world.