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Monica Picavêa Superintendent Foundation Stickel. Pioneered in Brazil, along with Marcelo Todescan East in May and methodology Transition Towns, vice president of the City Council of the Association Apprentice School, Alliance Councillor Empreendedora.Quando and how did the idea of ​​the creation of the Women Talent? The idea program arose when women of talent, studying the information community, concluded that women over 35 with low education had very few chances in the labor market. Moreover, in Brasilândia more than half of homes are headed by women, and more than 45% of this total is unemployed. Thus, we created a program that could incubate small businesses within communities to lend services in the region and also outside dela.Por the importance of stimulating the development of income generating groups? Mainly because increasingly sustainability involves the question Productions decentralized and placed in communities, both need to be encouraged local businesses, groups and income generation, become small social enterprises or cooperatives, which formalizes the market. This not only increases the possibilities for communities and enhances the lives of people but also increases the resilience of these comunidades.Quais the benefits to the participants in the groups to generate income and businesses that support them? Group participants have the possibility to be a viable business and that gives sustenance to them, plus the ability to have a job that they really enjoy doing and perform. For companies, it is interesting to support these projects, because buying products solidarity groups and within the social economy, has an appealing marketing interesting and adds value to the product and the company’s image. In addition, many companies that donate part of the rule for the groups, and this disposal just returning to the company as a different product, closing a sustainable cycle where it is dropped by one, is used by another and returns to the first .

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