Cases and News

Change Market in Brasilândia

Aline and Priscilla, residents of Brasilândia, organized the event that more joy to the community, the Fair Exchanges, now, every Saturday of the month. The movement is centered in the home of relatives of leaders and this edition, the home of the grandmother of the girls is the meeting... [+]

Oficina shows Transitions on universities

Knowledge of transition is of such importance that its presentation in the academic circuit allows to expand, become discussion and conveys his message of transformation. Isabela Menezes gave two Transition Talk to students of public universities, USP and UNESP Rio Claro East in 23th and 24th. In UNESP the... [+]

1st Course in Mutirão the site Pátriaterra

The Office of Sustainability launched in Pátritaterra a series of courses in Sustainable task force. In the course participants learned to build the basin, putting their hands dirty, and calculate the dimensions suitable for every situation and every operating system including how to make your maintenance. It took one... [+]

Geodesic Effort

True heroes of the resistance made ​​this weekend a major breakthrough in the finalization of the reform of the Geodesic CEU Jd. São Paulo! The debris was removed, the window repaired, garden with paths placed scaffolding transferred mass placed, finished painting and mosaic based on the geodesic starts. We... [+]