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Photo exhibition about inclusion reaches Barra Funda

  The photograph has the greatest power to call people’s attention to an idea or feeling, and ultimately unite them by the shock that may cause or for good memory it can bring. Even with the rainy weather, people flocked to see the exhibition Lives Scenes at the Museum... [+]

Workshop launches first Thrive Training in Latin America

The Sustainability Workshop organized on 7 and 8 December the Transition Thrive Training, under the command of May East coaching in space The Hub SP in São Paulo. The purpose of this training was to strengthen, review and follow up of ongoing projects and start new transition groups. The... [+]

Fruits Foot On Floor

The Office of Sustainability / CRIS, promoted the short course “Pé no Chão – Education for Sustainability” teachers of a CIS-Center for Early Childhood Education (0-4 years), one-EMEI Municipal School of Early Childhood Education (4-5 years) and a EMEF-Municipal School of Elementary Education (6-9 years) in the region of... [+]

Social Entrepreneurship in 11th SISPAT

Isabela Menezes was invited to give a lecture Isabela Menezes gave a lecture on the 11th SIPAT (Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work, Environment and Vocational Guidance) Society Benefactor Jaguaré on the theme of social entrepreneurship, on the 14th of November. The lecture was addressed to... [+]