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Workshop runs environmental education classes

  Two schools of Brasilia were met with educational programs related to the environment in the week of Mother’s Day, the program Subdivision Damha Sustainable Urbanization in partnership with the Office of Sustainability. Schools Albino Ferreira Braga and Aleixo, are in the neighborhood ABC Garden, West Town, received between... [+]

Condo makes double donation to Brasilândia

When neighbors come together towards a sustainable act, everything good happens. St. Therese Parish and Technical Supervision of Health Brasilândia received donations Collection Campaign 2013 Condominium Building Palazzo Di Roque, south zone of São Paulo. The donations were divided into two parts: • In the parish, the community will... [+]

Gafisa and Alphaville Foundation donates computers in Vila Brasilândia

About 36 computers were donated to communities in the region of 3 Brasilândia Village on Tuesday (02/26/2013). The donation was the responsibility of the builder Gafisa and Alphaville Foundation, under the coordination of the Office of Sustainability. The district, with more than 250,000 inhabitants, is the most populous city... [+]

Brasilândia Village organizes campaign for planting sustainable

Every green space, however small, can be a trigger for new initiatives. The Reference Center for Integration and Sustainability (Cris) in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, Transition and community Brasilândia Sambaqui, started last Sunday (17/02/2013), the design of an agroforestry. The plan task force has done in order... [+]