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Cantareira invades the city

To celebrate World Tree Day, on September 21, 100 native trees were planted in a fragment of the Atlantic forest, located at number 4000 Avenue Cantídio Deputado Sampaio, bordering the Jardim Paulistano, Damasceno, Vista Alegre, and CDHU Jardim dos Francos. Led by S. Quintino Viana, the movement Ousadia Popular... [+]

Transitions Towns is presented in an international event

On Friday, Monica Picavea, director of the Oficina da Sustenabilidade presented the case for sustainability in low-income communities, addressing how Transition can and must be based on social justice. The presentation was part of the Strategy Summit 2011, which brought together numerous national and international speakers and involved companies... [+]

Know Transition Brasilândia in detail

Transition in Brazil was considered a global case for the Transition Town Movement, at the International Conference of Cities in Transition held in Liverpool. The session presenting the results of Brazil was attended by Rob Hopkins and Peter Lipman, creators of the Transition Town movement, plus all the international... [+]

Brazil is praised in International Transition Conference

Between the 9th and 11th of July, the International Conference on Transition Towns, happened in Liverpool- England, and Brazil was considered a great success. Monica Picavea, Isabela Gomes de Menezes and May East represented Brazil. The presentation showed how training for Transition in Brazil intensified the appearance of new initiatives in... [+]