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Facilitation meeting Jaguaré

Like many neighborhoods of São Paulo, the most Jaguaré is a neighborhood that has suffered with the the demographic explosion and accelerated development of industrial exploitation of São Paulo, and today is faced with many challenges that triggered this process. However, these challenges are being diagnosed and debated by... [+]

Sensory Garden in Jardim Paulistano

Now the teachers and children of CEI (0-4 years) and EMEI (4 and 5 years) will have one more place to spend their time and learn more about plants and nature. This week the Sensory Garden of CEU Jd. Paulistano was planted with support from Instituto CRIS / Oficina... [+]

Isabela Menezes does a worm farm workshop at Comunidade Direito de Viver

Comunidade Direito de Viver (Right to Live) is a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, alcoholics, and people living at risk. This home located in the municipality of Santa Isabel-SP yesterday received the organizer of the Transition Brazil Isabela Menezes who led a workshop on making a worm farm with... [+]

Planting trees to celebrate!

The first step of the process Pé no Chão (Environmental Education), in São Paulo CEU Garden was completed this week. The ongoing sustainability practice teachers Teaching Children ended, and to celebrate children’s EMEI planted 10 seedlings of native trees.The course consisted of four meetings, divided into themes: Social, Ecological... [+]