Cases and News

Holiday workshops for children

  January was a lot of fun for the kids condo Palazzo di Roque. After the formation of the assembly child at the end of last year, the small tenants have asked for more activities during the holiday period. Thus, using their own talents, Monica Picavea, the Workshop sustentablidade... [+]

Jaguaré transition Sustainable

Monica Picavea, Isabela Menezes (Office of Sustainability / CRIS) and Dimas Kings (Transition Brasilândia) attended this week Jaguaré to facilitate movement towards more sustainable transition. Both mornings meeting assembled a very heterogeneous group, comprising representatives of the first, second and third sector, and neighborhood residents. At first there was... [+]

Tati Nolla opens different workshop

This semester was held in São José dos Campos a photography workshop very peculiar, many of the students are visually impaired. This is the proposal of a novel project in Brazil: 24 hours Looking Universal, the result of a partnership between the Secretariat of State of the Rights of... [+]

Completion of Stage Gaia

The Gaia project ended in Brasilândia. The next stage of the course was held in Extrema, southern Minas Gerais, Institute Atalanta. The members were awarded with good weather and good friendships. And all they had to do was to put their hands dirty. All arrived Saturday morning and after... [+]