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Transition Meeting Brasilândia

  Some wonder what the “Transition Brasilandia”. Transition is not an NGO, not is a public institution, or company, The Transition movement is a free and self managerial, where everyone has the right to speak and even leading power. In this movement the talents of each are connected in... [+]

Workshop Musicalization

It happened on Saturday at Condo Palazzo di Roque, a workshop really fun music to children, continuing the idea of sharing our talents with our children. Under the guidance of art educator Jurah Dianin, children built their own instruments from recyclable materials: fabrics using coils, made ​​rain stick, with... [+]

Beauty day at Brasilândia

  The beauty of the day was a day completely dedicated to the beauty and strength of women Brasilândia. The event in honor of the month of women was organized by women in the community of Villa Therese. Throughout the day, visitors were able to enjoy the treatments offered... [+]

Transition Training in Guarulhos

  May East and Marcelo Todescan, articulated by Isabela Menezes, launched the Transition Training in Guarulhos. The project is the result of the lecture given by Menezes and Todescan last year. The initiative was attended by 60 residents of Guarulhos in various sectors of activity, but all with a... [+]