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Brasilândia certified by international travel

The International Course Design for Sustainability, Gaia Transition is the first unit to be offered a low-renda.O course was funded by Gaia Education, UMAPAZ, CRIS Institute and Office of Sustainability. The four modules on the topics, social, ecological, economic and world view, elucidated the group on the concepts of... [+]

Sustainable Tourism in Brasilândia

Aoka, social enterprise sustainable tourism, organized a meeting in Brasilândia with a group of students from the University of Illinois-Chicago, USA. And the Office of Sustainability accompanied this visit to explain about the Transition Movement Brasilândia. The purpose of the visit was to Brasilândia beyond what show a suburb... [+]

Sensory Garden-Second Stage

To celebrate Earth Day, April 22, the staff of the Institute CRIS / Office of Sustainability and Rio + you organized the second joint effort of the Sensory Garden CEU Garden Paulistano, replacing some plants that do not restiram the summer. Mother Earth was also honored with a serene... [+]

Make the Difference Day in Cordeiro

The little sun rose on the horizon, and people were already arriving in the Lamb – company-electric cables and wires to make this Sunday one day really different. The breakfast was reinforced and stretch thoroughly heated, to prepare the body before putting your hands dirty. And with all the... [+]