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Brasilândia receives second change fair

On Saturday, happened on the Monday Brasilândia Solidarity. With the success of the first edition, the ladies of the Transition Brasilândia Priscila Aline and with the support of Isabela Menezes (Office of Sustainability) organized this second moment of exchange! The event was publicized by region and by channels of... [+]

Lecture on Social Organization is presented in Campo Grande

Monica Picavea University lectured Brotherhood, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul The invitation came from Silvana Fornari Dreyer, vice president of the Confraternity of Coatings and one of the founders of the University. Fornari minister currently the Training Course for Managers, a program of organizational development with a... [+]

Office of Sustainability at Rio +20

+20 Gathered hundreds of heads of state with the ambitious goal of defining a common agenda that finally put the world on course development. Besides the official conference, thousands of events and movements occurred simultaneously. As part of this synergy of movement, Gaia Home, erected by funding collaborative organized... [+]

Fair Trade in Brasilândia

Since the first Transition Brasilândia in 2009, formed several working groups, and one of them was the group of Fair Trading. The Fair Trade is an alternative model of consumption more sustainable, it is not necessary to raise more resources to get something different, fun and most of it... [+]