Cases and News

Workshop PUFF PET in CEU Jd. São Paulo

Sometimes what looks like garbage, disposable objects can become very useful. This is the case of PET bottle with it can make many household utensils, decorative items and even furniture. In Jd. São Paulo, there was a workshop Puffs Bottle PET, to seize bottles collected by a teacher. Carolina... [+]

Sixth Transition Towns Conference 2012 in London

In September 2012 took place in London in Battersea Arts Centre, the 6th Conference of the Transition Towns. Where more than 200 people around the world attended. The Office of Sustainability with the Transition Brasilândia and transiton Granja Viana, sent their representative and main organizer of the transitional movements... [+]

CEU Jd. Paulistano honors volunteers

MANAGEMENT’S  CEU Jardim paulistano ORGANIZE A MEETING to honor all VOLUNTEER GROUPS DOING VARIOUS ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE CEU. SEWING GROUP, JUDO AND CRAFT WAS HONORED IN SOME GROUPS OF NIGHT FESTIVITY. The Office of Sustainability, represented by Carolina Araujo received the certificate relating to Environmental Education projects down to... [+]

Brazil is featured in Urban Housing Forum

Brazil was featured in several panels at the World Urban Forum held by the United Nations Human Settlements (UN-HABITAT), held in Naples, Italy, in the first week of September. May East (Gaia Education / Transition Tows), Frank Siciliano (Todescan) and Monica Picavea (Workshop Sustentabiliadde) had experience in two sessions,... [+]